About Me

Hello & Welcome. . .


My name is Char, and I'm so happy that you've stopped by!  
I juggle a dozen-plus things every day, but above all, I am a maker.


My art is all about layers, shapes, color and intuition. There are no rules driving the creative process, just intention. In this way, the story flows through the emotions I am feeling at that moment. 


Living in Northern California all my life, means that I've had my share of corporate high-tech jobs at various top companies in Silicon Valley.  While it was fun and rewarding for the most part, in my heart I knew it wasn't my calling. Decades later, fate intervened and I was in the throes of a new career as a SAHM and homeschooling our daughters. Not easy at first, but what a blessing in disguise. Ironically (providentially, really), this allowed me the freedom to devote more time to family AND anything creative: cooking, sewing, beading, paper arts, DIY projects, and theatre arts, to name a few. Brownie points since we also incorporated many of these into our curriculum! Over time, and with the support of my husband and family, the right people and opportunities showed up. Creative endeavors expanded through wonderful retreats, online classes and local workshops.


I'm finally getting around to documenting what I love to do, and to sharing my creative voice with you through this website and blog.


Instagram: @charderouin

Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/charderouin


Feel free to contact me at char.derouin@comcast.net.  I'd love to hear from you!


p/s - I love pancakes!!