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Yes, this blog has been very neglected, but not without good reason. We've been kinda busy since January.


The main reason - we had a wedding in May!  A very special day for our daughter, Christine and  her fiance Dan. It was a beautiful, magical day for a very special couple whom we love dearly.

(will share more pics when I can figure out how to shirnk the files. . .)

There were months of prep, planning and renovations - many busy and somewhat stressful days and nights, but all worth it!  And it couldn't have been possible without the help of so many of our family & friends.  Some highlights:


Tea Party Shower hosted by Auntie Paulina & Venesa

The kids wanted a small and intimate venue for their wedding, so we hosted it at our home.

Front & back yard renovations. . .yes, before our drought woes. . .


Dan & Chrissie creating their version of the mailbox from the Disney movie "UP"


Sewed buntings and swags from my stash of vintage fabric scaps and trims for the photo booth:


And amidst all the crazy, pulled out my easel and paints determined to create a a huge (30x40) painting in their honor, in their wedding colors. which I finished just a week before the big day  . . although I have to admit, painting always calms my soul. . .

I had commissioned a talented artist (who works with Christine) to do this piece. LOVE how this

turned out!  We had it displayed at the entrance to the backyard and I hung it on my vintage bird cage stand covered with ivy. Sadly no picture of that, but I still have this goodie in the living room!


We also attended two other very, very special weddings!  This is the McDonald family: Paulina, Venessa (one of Christine's bridesmaids), Christopher, Emily, and Max. Chris & Emily were married in March -- they are family, as Paulina and I have been 'sisters' for over 40 years. Yes, forty. We love them and they did so much for Christine & Dan. In fact,  Emily's mom, Linda, was so sweet to lend us her special plate chargers for the wedding party table that featured vintage china that belonged to our moms! We are so blessed. . .


Our dear friends, Meg & Max were married in April.  I feel like a proud auntie - another beautiful, unique event, another Disney-loving couple! 


 This is one talented couple -- I could go on and on, but just take a look at their wedding program and you'll understand. . .



Baseball season - supported our beloved Giants!


SF vs. Colorado. Chet & Caitlyn went to several games this season and we're all looking forward to a lot more next year.  Maybe they'll let me tag along. . .


Giants vs A's - Chet supported both teams but decided to wear A's garb.

Tim Hudson warming-up!  We loved his time with the A's (with Mulder & Zito too)

and will miss him v.v. much.


And BTW, this is the only brew we've been drinking since August!!


Somehow I managed to make time for paper & paint!  Collage play:



Pllaying in my journals

Was honored to be asked to partipate in this year's PYT fundraiser (Peninsula Youth Theatre).

This is the painting I did for the event:

And spending time with family & friends. . .

Whale watching with Cindy on a Sanctuary Cruise charter boat in Moss Landing, a historic fishing village located between Monterey & Santa Cruz.  We saw so many whales and hundreds of dolphins - almost a thousand according to our guide and Marine Biologist, Dorris Welch (be sure to look her up!). They swam so close to our boat, it was amazing, to say the least - they are so playful and you can't help but love them with all their sweet chatter. After the 3-hour tour, we enjoyed a delicious lunch in Aptos, did a little shopping, then coffee in Capitola, of course!

Dinner with the Richmond's & Cronkhite-Shaindlin's - our turn to host.

A tradition we started nearly 5 years ago! 



and now, conjuring up a few goodies for the Etsy shop!

Til next time. . .