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Here we are, ready or not, on the heels of another new year. For many, this is the time to make resolutions. Maybe you’re one of them and that’s great!  I’ve never been big on resolutions, formally, that is. I have nothing against them, it’s really not my thing.  


So rather than making this about New Year resolutions, I'd like to share my thoughts as we look back at 2014. . .

1. Look for the Blessing

Good, bad, right or wrong -  don’t over analyze, justify, fret, or gloat about what happened or didn’t happen in 2014. Let those memories and experiences flow. Surrender. Breathe. Accept. Too often we look for the lesson in an attempt to understand or justify why things happened.

I offer a different approach, one that is so simple and less frustrating: look for the blessing. 

Simply put, looking for the blessing in any situation, no matter how painful or difficult, will ultimately bring healing. Your heart will be open to allow gratitude to fill you up.

As for the WHYS, well, plain and simple, those are best left alone. Why? (sorry, that one is allowed)  Did it ever occur to you that when you ask yourself why something happened, you perpetuate the situation and keep it alive by playing it in your head over and over like a broken record. You are trapped in its crippling cycle, eventually attracting similar events your way. You’ve got to accept the past, face it head on and yes, look for the blessing.

2. Take Responsibility

Own.It.  Own your feelings and your part in what happened. Avoid the ‘blame game’ and again, face it head on.  Release all judgement towards everyone involved, including yourself.  Judgement around past experiences keeps you stuck and doesn’t serve you. In essence, ditching responsibility deals you the victim card, and that, my friends, is very paralyzing.

You need to find the courage and clarity, but once you do, here's the best part:

the moment you take total responsibility, you are empowered


This is gold. It may not be easy, but it’s doable. Taking responsibility is empowering. Period.

3. A Thankful Heart

Your experiences in 2014 has a lot to do with the person you are today.  Instead of regrets, give honor and thanks. Learn to be grateful for it all: the good and even the not-so-good. When your heart is full of gratitude, beautiful things happen to you and those around you.  By honoring past experiences, our energy shifts in positive ways, allowing more joy, contentment and freedom. 

As I was writing this post, it soon became clear that blessings, responsibility and gratefulness aren’t necessarily stand-alone action items. They work together to bring about positive change.

My wish for you is that you are open and ready to welcome 2015 with renewed energy and possibility!

 Blessings and love,